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EEIG PAL Current Projects


EEIG-PAL is involved in some Major Projects in the MENA region, including the Arab Gulf countires, Jordan and Palestine ( West Bank ).

Presenting Summery of our recent and current activities:


Heath care field: Partners : ASSIST GERMANY

ASIST Health Services / Germany is one of the largest Health postgraduate and Madical service in Europe.

Learn More: www.assist-germany.com/ar/

Heath care field: Partners :PAVIRO

EEIG-PAL has entered into a partnership agreement with PAVIRO in Health care business. PAVIRO is mainly involved in the health sector both in Greece and the rest of the world, with a total number of more than 90 employees. The group was created in 2007, with the establishment of PAVIRO HOLDINGS SA by three people with different professional backgrounds (business administration, business consulting & finance, medicine & nursing) and a large international experience mainly in the health sector.

EEIG-PAL is representing PAVIRO in the Middle East where they established very vital contacts especially in Saudi Arabia and Iraq.  Currently, PAVIRO is working on a project for the construction of a 300 bed hospital in Baghdad-Iraq.

Agriculture field: New Farm 

EEIG-PAL following its policy to promote the private sector has succeeded in entering the Saudi Arabia market through partnering with New farm company where a monthly container with the best Palestinian food is being exported to the Saudi market.  Food include olive oil, freekeh, thyme, soap, maftoul (couscous) …etc.  It is worth mentioning that New farm is a group of socially conscious agricultural cooperatives and

NGOs, all dedicated to social and economic agricultural development.  They are especially focused on helping rural women make a change and thus women cooperatives are prioritized in eligibility for holding capital shares in the company.